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International Demand Index

  • When analyzing a target country to understand its future direction, opportunities and challenges we must remember that countries do not exist as an independent island. Countries act within a global system; as members of a system, they respond to external and internal drivers. Other countries also react to the target country’s actions. VMI’s methodology aims to explain this dynamic international system and describe it in terms that help our clients make strategic decisions.
  • No matter where a company is based and no matter what it does, International growth is a key element of their planning and strategy today. The challenge? How to identify and evaluate true short and/or long term opportunities within a country or across a region without investing large sums of money and resources on one hand or to rely on broadly distributed general forecasts that everyone reads, including your competitors, on the other.
Incumbent Process
  • Secondary research (buy reports), fly people into the country to “scout” things out, ...
IDI Objective
  • Create a means to gauge developing demand and anticipate changes in order to potentially shape and leverage the events in our advantage.
  • Understand opportunities and challenges as a basis for solid International strategy
  • Define in-country resources for possible relationships