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Beyond Line of SIGHT®

Philosophy – “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed” Source: Science fiction writer William Gibson

The Challenge – Corporate strategists have long sought a means to gain insights into the future and to leverage these insights into a differential advantage in the market place.

Incumbent Process
  • While falling out of favor due to lack of tangible results, Scenario and Contingency planning continues to be part of many corporate annual planning rituals. Scenario planning attempts to create possible, but highly improbable futures. Contingency planning describes the response the company should take, if one of these improbable alternative futures actually comes about. The challenge here is that the process is very expensive in terms of time, resources and budget dollars, while producing very little in the area of actionable results.
BLOS Objective
  • To bring the future to the present in a tangible and actionable way based on the facts not guesses.