Innovation Process MarketingBeyond Line of SightInternational Demand IndexCompetitive Insights

VMI Strategic Consulting™
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Complex Problem Solving; Creating New Revenue Models and Processes
  • Positioning and Branding for Market Leadership as measured by Growth
  • Business Model Audit and Value Proposition Alignment
  • Market Assessment, Entry and Adoption Strategies – Domestic and International across all Industries
  • Sales Force Audit and Performance Optimization
  • Managing the Competitor Programs
  • Workshops and Facilitation
  • Advocacy Programs
VMI Solutions:
  • Innovation Process Market Opportunity – VMI explores and validates opportunities; uncovers unmet needs; and shapes and positions solutions for market leadership as measured by accelerated business growth.

  • Beyond Line of Sight Trend Analysis – VMI BLOS identifies and presents key emerging technology and business model trends in a way that brings the future to a tangible and actionable present.

  • International Demand Index – VMI creates a global, regional and country–level system view of challenges, aspirations, and opportunities from a focused and unique perspective in order to gauge developing demand and anticipate market changes in order to shape and leverage events in our advantage.

  • Competitive Insights – VMI shares market (competitor and customer) perspectives on strategic intent and expected behaviors via Event–Driven, Daily, Quarterly, Annual and Five Year Analysis.