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Thought leader Jack Byers, is Chief Executive Officer of Vanguard Marketing International, Inc. Mr. Byers has spent over thirty years developing and revising his approaches to tactical and strategic marketing, culminating in a set of specific processes which help clients envision the future, reach faster market acceptance and market leadership, excel in new markets, and build the momentum for the mainstream.

Prior to establishing Vanguard Marketing, Mr. Byers was the General Manager of a $10 million high technology investment fund in Russia, and later the General Director of a personal computer joint venture in Byelorussia. During his tenure in Russia with JV Dialogue (JVD) the company became the country's exclusive distributor of Microsoft products, provided localization of MS-DOS and Microsoft Works software, and sought record setting first-round legislation for copyright protection. He also helped pioneer one of the first commercially successful western-style banks and developed commercial opportunities for Russian products and alliances in the West. Mr. Byers launched and developed twenty-six distribution and support centers across the Soviet Union and Central Europe. In 1993, Harvard Business Review cited JV Dialogue as the most successful Russian joint venture in history.