Multi-Industry Expertise
As a strategic marketing expert, Vanguard brings perspectives that most subject matter experts miss. We see the forest for the trees. We connect the dots and bring logical, lateral, insightful thinking from across industries to bear on your most difficult problems. As convergence of technologies enable the potential for market disruption, Vanguard’s convergence of strategic thought from multiple industries help our clients achieve leadership disruption.

  • Aerospace – Domestic and international transport, regional, business, and fractional ownership markets, engines, APU’s, avionics, helicopters, in-flight entertainment, electronic flight bag (iPADs), training, mission critical monitoring and communications, MRO and distribution.

  • Biotechnology – Oncology, renal, liver, ophthalmology, and stem cells.

  • Defense – Commercialization of defense-related technologies, C4ISR, avionics, unmanned systems (air, ground, surface, underwater), attack-, recon-, CSAR-helicopters, directed energy, close in weapon systems, missiles, guided projectiles, various air and naval programs, transparent armor, industrial base business models optimization based on emerging DoD requirements, and international and global competitive strategies.

  • Financial Services and Wholesale Banking – International funds transfer, money market advisory system.

  • Healthcare – Wellness concept-to-business; healthy living, destinations, persuasion and compliance strategies; Pharma, drug recovery, distribution; Diagnostic, screening, Hospital, lab, pharmacy, clinics, international distribution networks and channel development; Technologies: embedded sensors,implantable sensors, RFID medical device tracking, e-pedigree, nanotechnology.

  • Industrial Automation and control – Plant management systems, heat exchange systems, standalone energy platforms, and internal navigation sensors.

  • Semiconductor/Embedded products and technologies, telecommunications – Emerging technologies and sensors, imaging, mobile devices, displays, LEDs, OLEDs, nanotechnologies, telecom network architectures(switches, routers and storage systems), optical laser, broadband communications, intelligent edge, micro electronics, telemetry, M2M industry/home-auto-office, and automotive/shipping/fleet asset tracking and management.

  • Software – Cloud computing, apps stores, analytics (predictive, search engines, big data, semantic/natural language processors), PED, cyber, information assurance, distribution networks, product localization, high-speed transaction processing reservation system and banking networks, operational decision support for networks, and retail operations.